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    Does anyone on this board work for FNYS and you tell me what exactly to expect from the interview process? What are the biggest factors in the decision making process? Any info is greatly appreciated, thank you.
  2. Best bet is to be a recent graduate of an Ivy school.

    It's all they look at.

    They don't hire people with experience.

    If I run into the guy I know from there, may have some more info for you later this week.

  3. Mecro


    Uhhh what?

    Quite the opposite they want market experience. I had the interview, not impressed at all nor will I be calling back.

    Being an Ivy school graduate will probably get you in there without experience, but it seems that they have had way too many failures with non experienced traders. Apparently they want somebody else to take the risk of non experienced trading and then take you in.
  4. Just passing along what I heard from the guy I run into over drinks every so often. He's been the there for years.

    Maybe policy has changed, dunno.

    Guess the strategies they are teaching the newbies ain't working.

  5. Mecro,

    Forgot to ask...what turned you off at FSNY?

    Just curious?

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    Cause it makes absolutely no sense to hire people that already failed at prop firms. Thats basically what it seems like. The guy said for me to get some market experience and call him back in 6 months to a year. So basically if I cant make it somewhere else, I would go back to them for the training program? Can you say LOSER?
    He told me that they have recently hired many guys that have traded at firms like Schonfield and Worldco for like 1-2 years. To go to FNYS training program from prop means you have done quite badly.

    That and the guy interviewing is a pompous asshole as everyone says. I got on his good side but I almost wanted to put him on the spot cause I sensed he is full of shit. But I was in a good mood so I played cool.

    Also, they are more of a salary based firm. Seems like if you are good, a prop payout structure would fit you better.
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