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  1. can anyone who has first-hand information tell me the realistic earning potential of someone who has been with this firm for 2 years? i just want an honest answer to evaluate my options. you can feel free to PM me for your own discretion's sake, if that's an issue.
  2. Hello,

    First of all, hello to the forum. This is my first post and I look forward to participating in a lot of the discussions here.

    I had a brief chat with this firm via email.

    The HR person said he had been sorting through a pile of "hundreds" of resumes. My thought was that if that's the firm's hiring plan, you just won't get top people.

    You have to have relationships, and know who's who, not just play a numbers game. After having the brief chat, I saw even more of their job postings on Bberg! Maybe they don't want "hundreds" of resumes, they want more?!

    Anyways good luck, HTH