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    Chalk another piece of ace reporting up to CNBC.

    This one was all the news today. Gapping from $19 to $25 on CNBC's report of Apple "investing" 350 Million in the company.
    The company released an 8K at 1:47PM today clarifying things.

    Item 8.01 Other Events.

    Questions have arisen regarding news reports of Apple Inc.’s (“Apple”) announcement this morning regarding a $390 million award to Finisar Corporation (“Finisar”). Apple has not made a debt or equity investment in Finisar. The amount referred to by Apple represents anticipated future business between the companies over a period of time.

    Look at the stock now.
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    Bad quarter.
    Missed and guiding down but not falling AH's.
    CNBC busy covering Trump.
    Should be an easy short around $20.
    $19.10 now.
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    $18.55 and falling.
    3.5%... I just beat most hedge funds (and Soes) in an hour.
    Wait till tomorrow. $17's coming.