Fnsr, Jdsu, Cien

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    OUCH OUCH !!

    Plus can't fucking believe my computer went off while I was changing the price on a bid for FNSR, switched it back on to see the price in the high 24th and so I end up with 400 unwanted shares at 25.45. Small amount but it sucks... got hit in a single week by LVS, CIEN and FNSR. quite a bit harder with LVS. Crafty stock picking :cool:
  2. That sucks. Your computer seemed to be trying to tell you something.
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    To keep buying FNSR possibly ?? Already -39% with 2010 earnings up to analysts expectations. How low can it go ?

    I'm already losing a few Ks with CIEN so a bit shy to add more shares in the same industry.
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    JDSU - 15.5%
    CIEN - 8%

    impressive !
  5. My vertical spread on JDSU is history. I got in at FSNR at 25.58. I think she's over sold to be honest.
  6. She's up to 25.80........I'm good for steak and eggs for tomorrow's BF.....YOOOOHOOOOO:D
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    Lol ! If FNSR closed below 25 you'd have tab water and stale bread for breakfast ??
  8. I hope you did not unload your 400 shares just yet. She's up nicely pre market. the bulls are coming in and the shorts will cover. You can sit back have some popcorn and watch your position spike up. That being said don't get too greedy though.
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    Actually back around 25.

    Sold at 25.47 and went to bed last night ( in Europe at the moment). Looking closely for a reversal and possibly go long some more in CIEN, LVS and FNSR though, definetely hoping the bulls will be back in charge.
  10. I see that. It was at 26.70 around 7 am. I still think its oversold.
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