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  1. I know the rule against penny stocks, but c'mon, it's a bloody gse. Who the hell didn't think they would come back at their bonds at par? lulz...
  2. [​IMG]
  3. 2 bagger now with volume coming in...
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    My octagenarian neighbor owns 100,000 shares of this at 0.44. He called me yesterday urging me to get into it, and I may actually do it in the near future.
  5. If it breaks 1.25-1.50 it's going to 15 within 12 months. We need a bit more volume to break the gravity of the lows...
  6. oh lawd.... fannie quarterly profits inbound...
  7. Now a 4 bagger in 10 days.
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    No kidding - I let my crazy old neighbor talk me into buying this thing yesterday. I got it at 0.745. It's too liquid for a classic pink sheet pump and dump, so it's definitely under accumulation.
  9. love the volume....
  10. the preferreds are going nuts too
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