FNM Yeah Baby!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sdtrader, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. So lets hear the stories....man that was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. is it just me....or have there been some really crazy moves in many issues recently
  3. Not just you......GREAT month.
  4. i didn't make a lot in it, just $2500 on the second set of headlines, when they said earnings won't be affected.
  5. Did better than me. I only took 1800 out of the second move. Had a nice little key stroke error that knocked me out of 2K shares, 15 seconds later could have gotten almost another two points. :mad:

    But came back into the office right when Ogg was announcing the second part. A few guys in our office got both the downside and the snap with some decent size. Guy next to me had 7K shares at the bottom 70.50.

    All in all a lot of fun this month, huh? News stocks every freakn day.
  6. burnin


    do you think oggs traders played fnm

    what u guys think?
  7. just21


    What news feed did you have to be following to catch this? Who is ogg?


    Is a news service that used to be really good. Now his service seems to be doing some shady stuff. (i.e.- Front running some of the news calls).
  9. lescor


    I had fnm and fre on both the down and the up- best in and out daytrade I've ever had. Don't have the balls of steel you guys do in the office though for size.

    Out of nowhere, October has been a great month for trading.

    There must be some painful stories though for guys caught short when the second headline came out.
  10. Actually my first trade was the low of the day. I got in from lunch and crossed it down to 70.35. But was able to get out and flip the .51. I didn't have the balls to do the big size either...especially since I really had no idea what was going on, just walked in and everyone yelled at me to trade......
    that is why you need to make the move down here man. You make too much money as it is...would be scary to see what you would do in the office. :D
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