FNM or FRE ... why not let ONE of them fail

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  1. This bailout nonsense is not fair to the taxpayers and it's not fair to those companies that function responsibly and live and die by their own decisions. What we really need here is a lesson that says you can't just take on all this risky sh** and expect the govm't to bail you out if things don't turn out for you. That's why they call it RISK!!! If they bail out just one - the better of the two, that way the entire system doesn't crumble, which is the excuse we keep hearing as to why the bailouts are necessary.
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    because china owns fnm and fre debt and the US gov't doesnt want to upset its creditors
  3. So now any company with a large foreign stake should be immune to failure at the expense of the U.S. public?
  4. the time for you to chime in was when they were lending to toothless scum that could never pay for the overpriced shitpiles they were buying on credit.

    now the grownups have to try and fix the damage the the lowlife caused.

    if you don't want the taxpayer to pay, they maybe we should confiscate the billion from Mozillo, all the fees those lowlife real estate agents collected, and the fat salaries stolen by wall street,

  5. Oh, and don’t forget the mortgage brokers who telemarketed home loans. Haven't had any of those calls in a while lol….
  6. Anyone that profited from pimping homes falls into my category of RE:scum.
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    Its not just China. FNM and FRE debt in 90% of money market and bond funds.