FNM Fannie Mae misses by $1.85, beats on revs; lowers dividend.

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  1. Reports Q2 (Jun) loss of $2.54 per share, $1.85 worse than the First Call consensus of ($0.69); revenues rose 45.8% year/year to $3.96 bln vs the $3.4 bln consensus. "In addition, OFHEO has recently finalized rules modifying our regulatory risk-based capital stress test which will be applied beginning with the third quarter of 2008. The uncertainties that make 2009 estimates challenging also impact the calculation of this requirement, adding additional uncertainty to the regulatory requirements for capital. We are in ongoing dialogue with our regulator regarding our capital position.... In light of volatile market conditions, it is critical that we manage our capital levels to maintain a capital cushion well in excess of our regulatory capital requirement. To that end, we use strategies designed to preserve and protect our capital. In addition, we may, from time to time, raise capital opportunistically. Management continues to carefully monitor our capital and dividend positions and the trends impacting those positions and, if necessary, intends to take actions designed to help mitigate the impacts of a worsening environment on those positions. In this environment, conditions that negatively impact capital can develop rapidly and are based on a variety of factors. Therefore, we may need to take action quickly to respond. We have already begun to take some of those actions. Today, the Board of Directors announced that the company is decreasing the dividend on our common stock to $0.05 per share. On August 4, 2008, we announced an increase in our guaranty fee pricing on new acquisitions commensurate with the risks in the current market. We are also prudently managing the size of our balance sheet. Finally, we are evaluating our costs and expenses and expect to reduce ongoing operating costs by 10% by year end 2009.