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  1. how come the chicks at the facist news channel look like hookers on sunset blvd and the roosters look like dirty oldmen wearing raincoats and nothin else??
  2. Trying to cater to their demographics:)
  3. note the rise of fnc correlates the rise of anti-americanism.
  4. Lip gloss and underlighting. Roger Ailes is the Devil.

  5. Sex sells, period.

    Roosters, huh... the loud opinionated perps are there for some balance (fair and balanced, get it?), to make the perennial leg show appear more PC.

    <font size=2>Hey, wait a minute... what happened to the roosters?<font>
  6. Well, if I have to listen to opinion passed off as news, I'd rather be looking at nice legs rather than some guys ugly mug.:p It's all B.S. whatever station you tune in.
  7. Sam321


    Note the rise of home-grown moonbats, which correlates with the weakening of America, which correlates with the sharp rise in global threats.