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  1. heh....

    40% of the float is short. this should be fun.....
  2. One of the Hershey Equities, I had 400 shares long of FMD since yesterday morning. When it started moving after hours, I figured price couldn't go much higher than $46.15 USD, and I sold half my shares. I was wrong. Last I checked, FMD traded around $48.00 USD. The shorts have to be very concerned now. Tomorrow's open should be interesting.

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  3. yeah, ive been riding fmd back and forth since it was at 22. been very good to me - and the ultimate poor-college kid play.

    i seriously think it will pop 10 or more points over the next few weeks because of the short position - it was at 70 this time last year and a lot of people are STILL holding their shorts....
  4. From your fingers to the market's ears ....

    - Spydertrader
  5. ok - i have no idea what happened, but there were big-volume moves down intraday - anyone hear anything?
  6. It looked like most of the shorts covered last night, and in hindsight, I should have sold off my remaining shares then as well. I did sell out this morning when it looked like price was about to head downhill. i considered buying in again at the $43.03 USD support level, but decided catching a falling knife wasn't in my best interests.

    Good Trading to you.

    - Spydertrader
  7. as an aside, there were some 100k blocks that moved today on the buy-side. curious to see how this play out.
  8. .die bears..die.

    you too shorts - one of the most heavily shorted stocks i have EVER seen - 48% of the float.

    earnings tomorrow. any bears have the balls to call a miss? :cool:

    this is going to 52.. soon...
  9. just hit the wires....


    0.93 vs. 0.71.


    die shorts.
  10. blahahaha.

    48.10 and rising - no short covering detected yet.
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