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    Last sentence. "Actual capitalism".

    You see that Keith Boykin moron on CNBC. He can't get his face out of Obama's lap long enough to take a breath. But he was on CNBC one day declaring "capitalism failed".

    Capitalism didn't fail. Regulators and politicians failed capitalism. Many fought me early on, and I guess that's understandable. Given the time frame, most people were doing well. But I've never been one to be comfortable while wrongs were committed. Call it a serious personality flaw.

    Now, where are we? Anybody with a brain realizes we're in for a huge nightmare, chapter 2. Unless, of course, Obama has an in with the toothfairy, or Jesus, or Jesus' toothfairy. I've never stepped in this much shit, and come out smelling like perfume. Neither will the country. And the debacle with Dodd and Conrad tells you nothing has really changed.

    We have a long ways to go. But at least, when we tell our story,not everybody thinks we're crazy.
  2. So let's get the facts correct.

    All your posts are rants about Naked shorting.

    naked Shorting was enabled and supported by the Bush govt.

    Yet you blame Obama for all your problems.

    lol, thanks for the laugh. You are Yet another enabler of Bush-rot malfeasance.

  3. Actually, you'll find out, it was Clinton, then Bush. I was simply making the point that the current administration will use the meltdown as an excuse that Capitalism doesn't work. And it is the fault of the regulators and politicians. Obama was one of them, but he was so busy running for President, he was really AW(ith)L most of the time.

    I realize you have the reading comprehension of a nine year old, but if you reread the post, you might be able to understand some of what I was saying.

    I'll give you one you can chew on Junior. The Kuwaiti fund manager - the suicide? Very close to the Royal Family. Now, you can run with all the Bush conspiracy theories you wish. I am no Bush apologist when it comes to his handling of regulatory issues. Cox was his bitch, and Cox was told to sit on it. Bush should hang for that one. Someday, when you get all growed up, you 'll read about what really happened last September.
  4. My reading comprehension is perfect.

    It's your logic that is retarded.

    I've gone over your post history. No where did you place the blame where it rightly belongs. A incompetent monkey president who eviscerated all the regulatory authorities.

  5. Actually capitalism has not failed, but I am not too sure what I would call what has been happening since Reagen "Capitalism".
    More like rampant mining of manufacturing for the aggrandizement of the Michael Milkens and Carl Icons.

    We have been subjected to an abusive form of "capitalism" where if we own the campus we operate on and retained earnings for operations, R&D or self-funded pensions we risked having our companies wrested from our control via stock tender offer, and have had to watch while the companies were looted and forced to deposit the retained earnings into the bank account of the corporate raider.

    Or watch our companies forced to take out loans that would bankrupt the company to deposit in the account of the Takeover Artist, like they did to Huntington Alloys. So much for "Corporate Governance".

    This is why so many companies like IBM and ATT stopped spending money on R&D and started buying back stock starting in the late 80s. We weren't allowed to save our seed corn and had to operate our companies without sane and prudent reserves, making them much more vulnerable to economic shock and less able to support the type of long term research projects that IBM and Bell Labs were known for. Without the corporate raider phenomena we might very well all be running room temperature superconductive computers now, but the present situation has meant that only the government can fund this type of long term project now. That is what Wall Street has done to us.

    Add to that Naked Short Selling by Market Makers. (under the Madoff exemption), that make secondary offerings impossible, and the fact that American manufacturing companies have had some of the highest costs of capitol in the WORLD and you have a capitalist country that is starved of capitol.
    While the rest of the world offers manufacturers subsidized loans around 3% or less, American business pays 8% or higher, when you can get the loan at all.

    And they all want you to manufacture overseas. All you hear about is the labor cost differential, when in reality, often difference in the cost of the labor content is literally not enough to pay the freight shipping back to the US. But the cost of capitol, loans, money to build over seas is HALF what it is in the US.

    BTW Obama has not had time to build a record one way or the other.
    Stay tuned.
  6. Welcome to my ignore list.

    I'm happy to see intelligent conversations that's not party oriented on this forum, the last 2 years brought a lot to light. People here are well enough informed not to blame Bush or Obama or liberals on every problem. They don't believe in dogma, like you. In the interest of maintaining constructive conversations, you're now on ignore!
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    Grats Fly, true American, save our market
  8. ^^this.

    IMO Clinton made to most severe mistakes by expecting everyone to "deserve" home ownership.

    That's just my opinion though - lots of other mistakes were made by all parties. Picking someone's coffee to piss in makes no one money.
  9. I can smell an active enabler of Bush rot and republican malfeasance.

    You're one of them.

    Get bent.

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