Flytiger vindicated - proof of a genuine short-selling conspiracy at last

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    I think I pissed on myself a little.

    That is spot on.
  3. The Short Side haha, love it.

    Great find.

    Need more of these to take the sting off the fact that removing short selling disrupts free market capitalism and moves us closer and closer to the days of indentured servitude.
  4. Now that's funny. Where's flytiger hopefully he's not too upset at the shot at Dr.Patrick.
  5. don't even pay attention to those guys. They're all the same wise asses with all the answers.

    Answer me this. If they're all so smart, how'd we get here? And whent the public takes to the streets, do they expect the local police to lay their lives down to save their sorry asses?

    Dr. Byrne does not dance to the tune of "Moronville." Jeff Mackey is another of their smart ass punks. How long are you guys going to let them rub butter on their ass and call lit a biscuit?

    And it wasn't us that did this. We just wanted them to enforce the laws on the books, and they couldn't do that; the money was too good. So you get what you got. We all do. It's criminal. All of it. And it will be addressed. And when RICO hits, they'll go into Connecticut and take autos and estates. Disgourgement, I believe they call it.
  6. LOL................. what do i say to that?
  7. Don't take buttered biscuits from strangers.
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    I call BS.
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