Fly a Real Fighter Jet for Fun

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Banjo, Jul 5, 2013.

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    Not to highjack or deride your thread but the L-39 is more of a trainer than a fighter. And a subsonic one at the that. It's max operating mach is similar to corporate jets.

    It would still be very fun to fly though.
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    Lucrum, appreciate your points, but in reality no one is going supersonic anyway in the US with a private plane. Enjoy a military trainer and have fun. There are a few places now you can go and fly "combat" missions or just for fun in planes. The only privately owned Harrier is coming back to the EAA Airventure this year. I am hoping at some point they will have F-15's and F-18's etc at EAA and allowed to have them perform full military routines. Having your body feel like it is going to explode watching this stuff is just plain fun.:D
    Any of you aviation nuts, head up to Oshkosh Wisconsin for one heck of a great show at the end of July every year. Good stuff and great people.
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    Ya,I know, I posted it because some might find it interesting.
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    Like I said, it'd still be fun to fly one.