Fluoride Is Toxic

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  1. "The science of fluoride reveals quite an interesting history. There are four kinds of fluoride reported to exist in drinking water; they are calcium fluoride, sodium fluoride, sodium silico fluoride, and fluosilicic acid. Calcium fluoride comes from floor spar and is naturally occurring in water. The other three compounds come from a very different source, rock phosphate. Rock phosphate was used during the Cold War period for the extraction of uranium to make bombs.

    It is questionable as to why we would want to use this substance for consumption by humans. Maureen told me that all four compounds are toxic, but the fluosilicic acid, which is planned to be used in San Jose water, is much more toxic than the rest. She stated, “In small cities they often use the sodium fluoride, and more and more and more of the sodium fluoride is actually coming in from China and Mexico. It’s their toxic waste that some small cities are drinking."


    Keep drinking THEIR fluoride kool-aid!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:
  2. Toxicity is about dosage. Any substance in relative excess can kill you. Context is everything, and you're fresh out.
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  4. Perhaps some of you guys should check the ingredients in your toothpaste.
  5. People in countries where they dont add flouride to the water generally have really bad teeth, unless they have regular dental visits and do the flouride treatment every 3 years.

    I dont worry about flouride toxicity as everything is toxic in enough quantity. If you drink enough bottled water in a short time, its toxic. The most toxic thing in the world though....is time...eventually it will kill everyone. :p
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