Flu vs COVID

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    Interesting demographic mosaic - the latest from Dr Jay:

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    The issue with COVID is that it is just another flu, most probably related to pneunomia, but riskier than others. And the fact that there was never vaccination made before made it harder to survive.
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    Covid-19 is just like the flu.

    Fact Check:

    Case fatality rate of the Flu in the U.S. is somewhere near 0.1%
    In contrast, case fatality rate of the Covid-19 in the U.S. is somewhere near 6%

    There's a vaccine for the Flu.
    Currently, no vaccine for Covid-19

    There's approved treatments for the Flu and a big window for the treatment to be effective.
    Currently, a few new approved treatments for Covid-19 that have a small window of usefulness to be effective

    Flu infects around 8% of the U.S. population every year.
    In contrast, U.S. is on pace to have 50 - 80% of its population infected with Covid-19.

    Covid-19 kills up to about 20x more people per week than the Flu. Thus, Covid-19 has a higher R0 (2.2) than the Flu (1.28). R0 equals "reproductive number".

    Covid-19 is the first coronavirus to be declared a Pandemic by the WHO.

    There's a difference between a Seasonal Flu versus a Pandemic Flu. People in error compare a Pandemic Covid-19 to a Seasonal Flu.

    Covid-19 has a higher rate of asymptomatic carriers than the Flu...allowing easy transmission of Covid-19

    Incubation period for the Flu is 1 - 4 days.
    In contrast, incubation period for Covid-19 is 2 - 14 days...allowing it to have longer transfer duration of the infection to other individuals.

    Covid-19 can cause loss of smell and taste and we still don't know what long term impact it has on those that were just asymptomatic. We'll know in a few more years.

    Currently, there's no evidence that having had the Flu in the recent past or recently vaccinated for the Flu...it will protect you from Covid-19.

    Other countries will allow in U.S. tourists with the flu whereas they're prohibit (not allowed) to enter if they are Covid-19 positive. In contrast, many countries don't care if you're sick or not...if you're an American...you're not allowed entry into their country until the Pandemic is over or you have a vaccination card that shows you've been vaccinated against Covid-19 (currently no vaccine).
    • Summary, Covid-19 has a higher mortality rate, higher severity, lack of immunity...it is not like the Flu. The misinformed that believe Covid-19 is like the Flu and in government leadership rolls (e.g. President Trump)...
    Its the reason for their delay reaction to the health crisis and it resulted in the economy being shut down, costing trillions of dollars, skyrocketing unemployment, lost jobs, depression, unrest and many other bad things.

    Those that believe Covid-19 is like the Flu...you're helping to create the current economic crisis.

    So yeah, U.S. public policy was very wrong in the beginning via attempting to mislead its citizens that Covid-19 was like the Flu.

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    I presently live in Singapore and write this from government required 2 weeks isolation, staying in a hotel room I cannot leave, fed cheap local food 3 times a day and required to report back to a required phone app every 4 hours. Why? Because I had to travel to Europe for a family funeral and that is the price to pay for my return to Singapore. Yes, because this little unpleasant experience is at my charge of USD2000.
    However, the reality is as follows:
    Out of 83 thousand travellers who entered Singapore since June 18, 152 cases of covid were detected, 8 out of 10 coming from India and the Philippines. Which means that the remaining 4 cases could be coming from anywhere else in the world!
    Singapore suffered 27 deaths since the start of covid, all over 60 years old, some over 80 years old. Yet, 6300 people died from the flu in 2018, 2000 people have gotten dengue fever in the months because of the early confinement rules preventing the usual weekly fumigation...
    My trip to Europe was enlightening. At Zurich airport nearly half of the people in the airport were not wearing masks, because they are not mandatory in Switzerland.
    In Spain, no one wears masks in bars and restaurants, none of them have distancing rules. Maybe 65% wear them in the streets. In the south of France, no one wears masks or respect distancing rules, except when going in stores, where everyone wears their masks. In Paris, maybe 90% of the people wear masks when in the streets.
    Of course covid cases and deaths are much higher in Europe than Singapore. Demographics also show that most are from elderly people and the way southern European keep their elderlies in medically assisted and end of life homes. When covid hit them, they all died.
    Ultimately, like the video above shows, we have to decide if we want a Singapore like response or a European or American or another. There are valid arguments from all sides. It seems to me preposterous to shut down economic activity and force people in lock down for extended periods yet, people ought to be responsible enough, civic minded enough to wear their mask when in public and keep distances from each other. Anything else is pure selfishness.
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    A vaccine for the flu?

    There is, but its somewhere between 25-50% effective.
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    Not to mention completely different bugs biologically.
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    Yeah, initially it was more effective. As the years went by and mutated versions where stronger while the vaccine didn't keep pace...

    Today its not as effective.

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    Thats why the covid vaccince won't be 100% effective. With so many mutations of viruses the chances are minimal. How many years and trillions of dollars have been spent on finding a base cure for the flu or common cold amd yet still absolutely nothing. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm
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    So its 75%/80% ineffective..........................................................................80% ineffective most likely.WOW= no wonder cdc promotes it/LOL
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    and it's different every year.
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