Flu could boost gov't intervention further

Discussion in 'Politics' started by drjekyllus, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. crisis are opportunity, or so sayeth the pinko commies among us
  2. Yeah, lets just let a potential fatal plague spread throughout the world and put a total halt to economic activity.

    Lets just allow our borders to be freely OPEN to all sorts of terrorists, be they electronic, viral, or human.

    Brilliant logic.
  3. At this point it is not clear whether or not it will be fatal plague that wipes out massive amounts of people.

    One thing that is certain, is they are already halting economic activity. The economic damage is being done as we speak, but the killer virus may never truely materialize.
  4. Once again, you have got to be one of the most IGNORANT posters on ET. You have no idea what you are talking about. How old are you?

    The Mexican border into California is wide open.
    No trade is being halted.

    Deaths in Mexico from the swine flu have surged by 50% to 152, as of Monday.