'Flow', 'Mastery' & The 'Way' of the Trade

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  1. Demings, the Quality management guru said in his book

    "Hard work and best efforts will not by themselves dig us out of the pit. In fact it is only by illumination of outside knowledge that we may observe that we are in the pit"


    Many people think that through exhortation alone, miracle will come. Perharps it's because of those who have finally find their way and repeat that it's just a question of discipline and will. They forgot the learning path they have followed, at the beginning they have accumulated knowledge, it's only when you have enogh knowledge than psychology can make a difference. If not so psychology is worthless.

    To give an analogy, I invited a friend of Deming who was the CEO of a consulting firm and he said that the problem of Quality in Europe at that time was people thought that by building Quality Circles , Quality will solve by itself. Quality Circles alone are worthless if they do not come AFTER other steps.

    For me psychology and vision are important but it is not the first step although I simplify you must be of course be motivated from the beginning but hoping that with exhortation alone everything will come like magic is a bit naive.

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