'Flow', 'Mastery' & The 'Way' of the Trade

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  1. Another interesting quote from Mr. Hida:

    Calling God in the name of God is disrespect towards God. God is the Absolute Singularity, the Absolute Infinitive, and the Absolute Truth. We are the effects of the Absolute Singular Infinitive Truth. We are finite in nature, and calling and labeling God in our own terms are sinful towards God.

    -translated by WDGann

    (When I mention God, it doesn't only matter in term of Christian God but god in general)
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  2. Sorry, it's not degreee but polarity...
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  3. very nice Zuizo, I ain't lying, that's a good one for me
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  4. Zuizo


    The centipede was happy, quite,
    Until a toad in fun
    Said, "Prey, which leg goes after which?"
    This worked his mind to such a pitch,
    He lay distracted in a ditch,
    Considering how to run.

    --Zen Poem
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  5. Tea



    ........who puts hand

    ...in pocket

    .........feels cocky
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  6. thesage


    How can one stay in the moment and think at the same time, as thinking takes one out of the moment. If anyone has the answer to this one, I would appreciate it.
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  7. I'm not sure but it might be close to driving a car. You're not really thinking all the task you are doing like step on gas, brake, turn handle 30 degrees...

    Or thinking what the cars are doing around you. You're not constantly analyzing what's happening.

    You're just reacting to the unexpected change in situation. You're flowing with the current expected or maybe safe situation. When you perceive a potential danger sub-conciously, it alerts you to be conscious about it. Take the appropriate pre-cautions and so forth.
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  8. Zuizo


    Drop THINK.

    Try this:

    Take a very deep breath...

    now HOLD it.

    Slowly look about the room, be aware of the movement of your head, what you are viewing.

    This is a glimpse of awareness. Meditation.

    Observe how the mind can stop for a moment when air is restricted. It does not think, but awareness is.


    Remember this was just an exercise so that you have a taste.

    Forced effort is not really meditation.

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  9. thesage


    I appreciate the idea, but how to function normally while in this state. I feel as soon as I trade thoughts come in. I am usually defending my position, rationalizing, etc. How to get beyond this is the question. I am either trading out of greed (fear) or fear and as a result miss many moves and get caught in breakouts on the wrong side.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  10. Flow


    How long have you been trading?
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