'Flow', 'Mastery' & The 'Way' of the Trade

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Flow, Nov 30, 2002.

  1. Rhythm


    Fundamentally speaking, the market always has the right fundamentals.
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  2. I haven't been posting in the Psychology Thread so here's one question:

    How would you differenciate a sensation of a right trade?

    Perceptional mind is very simple but very delicate. It's hard to differenciate the difference between pure reactionary sensations and willful and imaginary sensations.

    That's the hard part about meditation. You really don't know if you're really centered, it just might be you hoping or thinking you're centered. You may just be imagining and convincing yourself that you're centered...

    Conscience or Consciousness... and Imagination and Will is hard stuff...
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    There are always 2 truths: Absolute Truths and Relative Truths.

    Everything vibrates.

    Every side has an opposite gender.

    Everything works under duality.

    Everything has degree.

    -Kybalion - Hermetic Principles.
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  4. one just KNOWS, gann. it can not be explained, sometimes i just KNOW the trade will be a winner or a loser before i take it. by the way, i would like to have a copy of that book.


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  5. It's hard to bring your mentality to that point (well, it's hard to say that you bring yourself there.... it's either you are or you're not... )

    To be or not to be.. is the question...
    -- some shakespeare quote... LOL
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  6. Another quote:

    Your 1st choice is most likely the best choice...

    -from some test-taking tip book
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  7. Flow


    The conscious act of striving to bring yourself there will only serve to drive you further away. Forget all about where you are trying to go and you will spontaneously arrive...

    Now don't go trying to forget Gann -- its a vicious merry-go-round!
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  8. oh man, I remembered too much damn stuff today. I knew sooner or later all that studying would catch up with me.

    Now remember, tommorrow forget
    Now remember, tommorrow forget
    Now remember, tommorrow forget

    come on... a hundred times now

    remember, tommorrow forget
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  9. Zuizo


    silence... vision
    blind... chatter

    busy... trap
    free... still

    action... now
    tomorrow... distraction

    silent, still, now

    chatter, busy, tomorrow

    vision, free, action

    blind, trap, distraction

    Can you see?
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  10. Silence is Golden

    The Eye deceptive

    Then where lies the truth...

    It doesn't lie in where it is but where it isn't

    True Truth is not a Truth, Voidal Truth is where Truth lies...

    Harumitsu Hida - translated my WDGann...
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