'Flow', 'Mastery' & The 'Way' of the Trade

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    The Certainty of Uncertainty...

    The one thing a trader can be sure of is that he can't be absolutely sure of anything. Simply not enough for me to expect the unexpected, I am prepared and resolved before ever engaging in action. This goes for both the micro (one freak occurrence) and the macro (an unexpected DD). When the inevitable does occur, I can handle it as if it were a normal occurrence -- clear mind and resolved spirit...

    'Matters of great concern should be handled lightly;
    Matters of small concern should be handled greatly...'
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  2. Speaking of handling small matters greatly, one day I am scalping and it is going very poorly, I can't even get one lousy tick let alone a full handle, and I am working at it greatly, because I don't care what they say, enough small moves against you back to back and it starts adding up to a very big bad day.

    So getting back to handling great matters lightly, I just say aw the heck with it and go long and get up and walk around and be mad and finally just sit and watch it on Bloomberg tv. Next thing you know I am up nine points.
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  3. Flow


    'Do you have the ability to sit still until the muddy water is clear and the right action arises of itself so?' ~Lao-Tzu~
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  4. anima


    In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few.

    - Shunryu Suzuki
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  5. 'absolute tranquility is the presnet moment. though it is at this moment, there is no limit to this moment, and herein is eternal delight" hui-neng--6th zen patriarch
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    The Dynamic-Ever Flowing Universe/Market...

    'It is central to its very nature to manifest itself in myriad forms which come into being and then disintegrate, transforming themselves into one another without end...' ~Fritjof Capra~

    'To be a man of knowledge one must stay light and fluid' ~Carlos Castaneda~

    'Everything flows...' ~Heraclitus~

    'The markets are the same now as they were 10years ago, because they are always changing -- just like they were then...' ~Ed Seykota~

    Capra was for you MS...
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  7. thank you, flow. i could barely read the white letters, but none the less, the words ring true.


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  8. Flow


    'Life is a state of mind...'
    ~Being There:1979~
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  9. Rhythm


    In the pursuit of learning, every day something is acquired.
    In the pursuit of Tao (Mastery), every day something is dropped.

    Less and less is done
    Until non-action is achieved.
    When nothing is done, nothing is left undone.

    The world is ruled by letting things take their course.
    It cannot be ruled by interfering.

    -Lao Tsu
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  10. Rhythm


    Self-sacrifice, giving, and self-discipline
    should not be renounced, for they purify the
    thoughtful. Yet even these, Arjuna, should be
    performed without desire for selfish rewards.
    This is essential.

    -The Bhagavad Gita
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