Florida Woman Ruins Life With Racist Video Rant About ‘Sand-N*gger’ Dunkin Donuts Emp

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    Max E.

    This woman has to be the most obnoxious bitch ive ever seen, where the hell are these self entitled monsters coming from, employee is nothing but nice to her, and she sits there berating him, all because she didnt get a receipt. Wish i was in the line that day to give this cunt a piece of my mind.

    I love how she keeps on saying shes going to put it on the internet, as if its going to look bad on dunkin donuts, then at 5:39 she says "there is no take backs in life", shes about to learn that the hard way. Its poetic justice since the video has now gone viral and she will surely be belittled and attacked for the piece of trash she is for the rest of her sorry life.

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/EZcI8xcA08I?feature=player_detailpage" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Andy Warhol famously said that one day, everyone would be famous for fifteen minutes, but 27 year-old Florida PR professional Taylor Chapman managed the feat in just over eight minutes. Disgruntled about the service she had received the night before, Chapman went back to her favorite Dunkin Donuts, armed with a camera phone and a whole mess of cusswords, to demand the free order she was owed. She then posted the rant, in which she refers to an employee as a “complete c*nt-sand-nigging whore,” to Youtube, where it has gone viral.

    The video itself is epic, as Chapman explains to the extremely polite clerk that she is owed a free order because the night shift didn’t give her a receipt, and refused to make good on the offer of a free order if no receipt is given. Over the course of 8 minutes, Chapman devolves into ever-ruder language, continuously promises to post the video all over the internet, and engages a reluctant customer on the subject. At one point, she tells the customer that she knows the order she’s picking up will likely be defiled with bodily secretions, but explains that she’ll be giving it to her boyfriend, anyway.

    Seriously, do not skip an instant of the video, because it just gets more awkward and funny, and then not funny at the end, when she confronts the clerk from the night before and calls her a “sand-n*gger” to her face, throwing in a reference to the World Trade Center bombing for bad measure. After that, Chapman once again promises to post the video online, where she says she hopes it gets “a million hits.”

    For fans of poetic justice, the clip is well on its way to that total, and as Chapman eerily says at the 5:30 mark, “There are no take-backs in life.”

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    The internet is full of this kind of crap, it's a big waste of time.
  3. I hate these kind of people. Some women really need a good smacking.
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    I'm sure she voted for Obama and is as liberal as hell.

    They are the culture created by Obama and the Democraps that the world owes them free stuff.
  5. That was an unpleasant video.
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    The cunt sounds like one of those gold digging whores from the "real" housewives shows.
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    So are you, on both counts.