Florida Vs Ohio State

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Florida Vs Ohio State

  1. Florida

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  2. Ohio State

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  1. Nice ass kicking in bball, to start off the rivalry this year!
  2. Ohio State way overrated, the game wil be much closer than people expect, unless Mr. Leak looses his head again for few minutes....
  3. Maverick74


    That basketball game was awesome. I don't think Ohio State's basketball team is overrated, I just think they got outplayed. Florida really is that good. Oden for Ohio State is the best Center in the country. He just got dominated by Florida's big men inside.
  4. Yeah Horford played out of his mind on that hurt ankle.
    We will see tournament time if they can stay focused and can get a lightened up draw until the final 4.
  5. "Mr Two Bits" - A Florida Field Tradition

    Those were the days...


    <embed src="http://www.gatorzone.com/audio/media/2bits01.wav" width="320" height="40" autoplay="true" controller="true" /embed>

    GO GATORS!!!

    You stuffed their B-Ball Team, NOW IT'S FOOTBALL TIME!!!!!
  6. You guys serious? lol
    Buckeyes ftw:D
  7. You almost gotta feel sorry for them Butt-eyes...

    ...for the a**kicking they gonna get!

    GO GATORS!!!
  8. #1 Bball and Fball period.