Florida vs. New York

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  1. A friend of mine has a house in West Palm Beach and I can live there for $500/month.

    As I see it, these are the pros/cons.

    Air quality
    Swimming pool
    Cheaper taxes
    CCW shall issue

    I only know one person there
    I have to buy a car
    Lots of old people
    Can't see live music the way I can in NYC
    Might not be able to find competitive hockey
    Not sure if it's got a good scene for 19 year olds (it may, I've never been there)
    Doesn't seem like I can get FIOS... I'm iffy about trading on DSL/cable, my strategy is one where I can't blink or te algos will beat me and even an extra 1/100th of a second lag is substantial

    I'll be checking it out in a week or two... then I'll know whether or not I can do it, but I'm kind of sick of the city (I love it to death, don't get me wrong, but I could use a change of environment).

    Also, I know there won't be a state and local tax, but for $100K per year with a decent accountant what's an approximate tax that I might pay in Florida? I've been told 20% is achievable...
  2. New York is a great city but fuck the taxes.
  3. Big difference between the bitches in NY and FL. FL along with CA is the place to be. I know I wouldn't bother with the crap in the NY area.
  4. Not so sure the weather is better in FL unless you like hot and humid. And shitloads of Squitos. Place is way too flat and humid for me, but the cost of living and taxes are great.

    I don't like NYC either, but just wanted to point out that maybe you'd want to visit FL in the summer before actually moving there.

    Then again, I am a wimp when it comes to weather (San Diego resident). I have tried the alternatives though.
  5. Dude... 19 & making your own coin puts you ahead of about 90% of floridian males.

    $500 for WPB seems somewhat cheap. There are some parts of palm beach country that are pretty low end. Make sure you're not moving into a slum.

    Head down for a week & check it out first. Check out the miami scene and see if that's more to your liking - miami beach is like a miniaturized NYC anyway. Considerably more expensive however.

    Old people have moved out or died off over the last decade. Too expensive for them to live in Florida any more.
  6. At 19 you won't get any pistols, only rifles.
  7. Not moving into a slum, friend's parents own a house that they're not using there. I might actually get cheaper rent. The whole point of moving there is because I have an opportunity to live so cheaply, at this point.

    Thanks for the advice.

    Still, under 2 years, and then I can carry. AND they're a class 3 friendly state, so when that time comes, I can have all sorts of fun toys. If trading is still working out, I'll even be able to afford some fun pre-89 MGs.
  8. In NY there is a success story on every corner, in Florida you face the inevitability of death on every corner. I'd rather get run over by a competitor racing me to the top in nyc than some senior citizen in fl who forgot to put on their turn signal.
  9. That'll be me. You come here, Nut, and I'll hunt you with my Packard like the dawg you are!!!!:D

    Hey, I'd like to help you, Young Man, but my shoes are already 23.

    Five hundred is free, though.
  10. If they only want you to live there starting now, and they'll be back to take the place over next december, then this is not a great deal.

    As an aside, about half the people down there are ny transplants, anyway.
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