Florida Traders going to Chicago Expo

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by spreadem, May 17, 2005.

  1. Hey guys I'm making plans to go to the trading expo in Chicago in July. Anybody flying out of Orlando or Jacksonville headed to the Expo ?
  2. Brandonf

    Brandonf ET Sponsor

    I will be at the expo for a few days.

  3. Last time, it seemed as though I was the only trader from Florida.

    Are you planning on going to any of the special (paid) sessions?

    Which free sessions have you highlighted to go to?
  4. empee


    i might go im from orlando
  5. What are the dates of the show? Do you have an internet link regarding the show?
  6. At the top of these Hook Up pages ^ click on the TradersExpo Banner and Register so the InterShow folks know that you're interest in the Chicago TradersExpo comes via Elite Trader.

    With Elite Trader being one of the TradersExpo sponsors/partners, the cumulative ET banner click-throughs enables ET to garner a larger room and private bar booze allotment for its after-hours Trader get-together at the show... Baron and Andre would like nothing better than to have more drinks to spread around to this seemingly always thirsty crowd. :D
  7. Is ET going to passing out freebies ... tshirts, caps, money?
  8. nlslax


    I thought I was all alone.

    Orlando north here.

    Can't make it in July but would like to get feedback.

    Anyone meeting in Central FL?