florida to be new gambling mecca

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mike oxbig, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. Florida pols slipped by some rules to get some of the big rev for Florida... and hep their buds.

    Here's what we learn via smoke signals from the Palmbeachpost.com.

    "The lynchpin of the deal is the five-year agreement with the Seminoles giving them the exclusive rights to run banked card games, including blackjack, at five of their seven facilities, including their lucrative Tampa Hard Rock casino that brings in at least half of all the tribe's Florida gambling revenue, according to Galvano.

    Most important for the tribe is the <b>prohibition against any of the state's pari-mutuels outside of Broward and Miami-Dade counties to run the card games</b>.

    "When the <b>tribe is committing this type of money, it's important to know the scope of gaming that we're dealing with and what kind of competition or exclusivity you have</b>," said Jim Allen, chief of the tribe's gambling operations."

    They need a monopoly in order to invest. Ok. Right.
  2. Miami is a natural place to have gambling.