Florida Teacher Finds Ballot Box Left Behind

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    A Florida teacher told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that she discovered a locked ballot box that was left behind at a polling site at her school.

    And this happened in a Democratic stronghold, now we know why the polls were off in Florida.
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  2. Stuffed with extra Democratic ballots waiting to be discovered in case more votes were needed to win a race.
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    Just waiting their turn in line replete with hanging chads
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    Dems always have illegal ballots and illegal voters up their sleeves available to be pulled out whenever necessary.
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    Ayn Rand

    Poorly written story. Tells us everything except whether someone came by and picked up the box and then looked inside to see what was there. Does seem like it was an empty box. Something about boxes with real votes being placed in an orange bag.

    Democrats through out history have been notorious for voter fraud. The most memorable the number of dead people who voted for LBJ many years ago.

    If it was in a democratic strong hold then Demos should have had a strong say in collecting votes.

    Regardless of vote count or missing boxes or whatever...It always seems that the few counties that have problems counting votes are always Democratic were the personnel doing the calculus represent the lower quadrants of The Bell Curve.

    Who knew counting could be so challenging. Job requirement - must be able to count using hands and feet
  6. As you can see, the Trump fanboys here are okay with it. End justifying the means, and so on.
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  7. This is just one of the many ballot boxes the Democrats leave planted all over the place when they need to find some extra votes after the tallies are in.

    This is a tactic they have used for decades.
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    Ayn Rand

    Did you actually read the story.

    "But on Thursday night, a spokesman from the elections office said the box holds supplies — not ballots.

    The box is used to hold provisional ballots on Election Day, but when the polls close the ballots are transferred to an orange zippered bag and taken to the elections warehouse in Lauderhill, said Dozel Spencer, director of voting equipment center operations."

    This is in a Democratic stronghold. I am sure the Demos had there personnel onsite and made sure that things when as much for them as possible (not implying this is wrong).
  9. And they supposedly leave them behind after the election rather than have them counted? So are they that devious yet stupid or are the people who believe what you wrote?
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  10. Obviously you are being deliberately dense or simply don’t know history.

    For decades when Democrats trailed in a close race when the ballot counting was nearly complete— they would suddenly discover “missing” boxes of ballots. Strangely enough these boxes would be filled with ballots nearly exclusively voting Democratic and taking the race for the Democrats after being added to the tally.
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