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  1. jem


    I have a question for all you people. In my 20s I worked outside of Clearwater at a tennis club. I liked the place.

    I live in San Diego and am sort of tired of getting up so early especially since I am trying to also trade other markets. I realize this is a vague question but what kind of house do you get in Florida these days compared to the kind of house I have in San Diego. I live in a 3 year old house in Carlsbad. The house is 2900 sq feet and is about 2.5 miles or less from the beach. PLanned community, nice neighbors, good school Distrct, no land. What would that run and where. I know very vague but what do you think?


    I am a little concerned about moving to parts of Fla. where it would be mostly retired people and my very young children would have no one to play with. Is this reasonable concern? Or is it just a concern in retirement communities.
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  2. trendy


    Nice house in Clearwater will go for around $100-125/sq. ft.
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  3. Jem,

    Check out realtor.com
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  4. tampa


    Better to check with the Vermont Chamber of Commerce - why won't you people listen to me?

    As for the guy with small kids - it makes no difference if their are other small children to play with - people don't let them go outside- snakes and alligators.
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  5. tampa


    During hurricane season (much of the year) about $12 a square foot.

    That $100/125 figure only applies when the tourists are down here - the fools...
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  6. taodr


    Tampa if you feel this way about Florida then why don't you get the hell out of there ? I'll bet there's tons of people who want to get out because of snow, cold etc. Doesn't Vermont have the highest taxes, maybe they can't afford to move.
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  8. tampa


    Leave? Leave, are you serious? This place is all we could ask for. The wife makes snake skin boots for a living. I collect alligator eggs as a hobby, and we both enjoy shark fishing. Warm summer nights when the temperature doesn't drop below 87, and humidly around 137 are my cup of tea (and summer starts in April, running well into October)

    Few things turn the little woman on more than a good spanish language song - we are fortunately to have 4 of the local 6 radio stations playing such tunes - the wife knows both of the ditties by heart that they play over and over again.

    I get all the exercise a guy could ask for boarding up the windows during hurricane season, and covering the platis and trees for hard freezes in winter. We also enjoy waving to the tourists who park in our driveway, and peek in our windows.

    We are planning a trip to Canada with the $1,813.25 in Canadian coins the local 7-11 has passed off on us.

    And you have the gaul to ask why we don't leave? Get serious, dude.
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  9. Tampa

    I know this has all been in good fun, but your point has been made. Someone looking for information on Florida shouldn't have to wade through pages of posts to get some basic information. We've been down this path before re: Florida and I really don't want to have to split up this thread and start a new one in the Chit Chat section.

    Thanks for your cooperation.
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  10. tampa


    Perhaps someone looking for information on living down here should go to the library, or maybe even surf the net.

    "Bradonton's nice" is far from legitimate informative information

    People with shallow empty lives, should get a dog instead of signing up as moderators.
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