Florida--Sarasota/Tampa Area

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by gotta_trade, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. ElCubano


    But as I have said in the past.....pound for pound there is no other state that compares in the punani division.....:D
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  2. tampa


    Did he refute any thing I said? NO!

    Don't listen to him - he thinks he lives in North Havana...
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  3. ElCubano


    I dont think, I know..........and its Little Havana.....:D
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  5. bobcathy1

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    Yes, Tampa.....I agree with you......Florida is for the birds!
    I have lived here in Marathon for 6 years and watched the quality of life go downhill and the prices skyrocket!
    Miami is a nightmare. Any kind of insurance is madness!

    However, I live on a boat. So if I get overdosed on cheap Canadian snow birds.....I just go out into the ocean and sit there for some peace and quiet.

    Both of us are happily quitting our jobs this year. We both make mega bucks for here, but only working 10 hours a week on average it is not a living wage!

    The only way to keep your sanity down here is not to do a job that has anything to do with tourists at all!

    That leaves me with day trading or selling things on Ebay!
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  6. bobcathy1

    bobcathy1 Guest

    And I agree with you Cubano.....Miami has some of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen:D :D
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  7. ElCubano


    This could be said about any city in the US...unless of course you live under a rock or on a boat ....... :p

    Why is Miami a nightmare??? tourism proves this otherwise......please explain......It is a City period..and you will probably run into the same problems in any other Major City....In the meantime we have great beaches and lots of pussy.....peace
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  8. bobcathy1

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    I will admit, I am not into cities. I used to live just outside NYC.
    Miami=traffic, fatal accidents, murders, high prices, urban poor, tourism..... the usual city stuff.
    Yes it has beaches, warm weather and hot mamas aplenty.

    The best thing about it are the Cubans. If they were not there, I think the city would have no soul or character. It would just be NJ in a hot climate.

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  9. tampa


    ahhh haa! You speak Spanish, and probably drink that awful coffee! You are not likely to run into non-English department store clerks in Toledo - and when you ask for a cup of coffee, you get a cup of coffee, not a cup of mud! And don't get me started on that horrid music on almost EVERY radio station...
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  10. bobcathy1

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    Hmmm....coming from NYC I realized something early on.....NOT EVERYONE SPEAKS ENGLISH.

    :D :D
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