Florida--Sarasota/Tampa Area

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Next week I will be in Florida looking for a condo.

    We are considering anywhere south as Sarasota or north as Clearwater, and anywhere in between.

    Does anyone have any recommendations? (regarding cities or towns in or around that area).

    In other words, where is the nicest place to live in that area of Florida.

    Thank You
  2. Sarasota would be probably best for a condo. If you could live in a house, Tarpon Springs area is very nice if you like nature, more rural and quiet.
  3. Longboat Key. But you have to hope it doesn't turn into a ghetto like Siesta Key.
  4. I appreciate all of the info.

    I will check out all of the recommended places.
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    Naples is a beautiful place. Terrific beach but expensive.
  6. Check out Orlando....everyone else in the world does:)
  7. buy on the water or with a waterfront view or consider renting. home prices in general are inflated right now and lots of new homes are being built at breakneck pace. Waterfront will always be valuable however, since no new waterfront is being created due to environmental laws.
  8. good point..
  9. Flagler Beach, Palm Coast, or New Symrna Beach
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    Summer is insufferable, we're running out of water, congestion and over-crowding are major problems. Good paying jobs are not to be had. Old people and snowbirds will drive you crazy for six months out of the year. The place is full of snakes. And worst of all, it's over-run with run-away malcontents from up north who think that they are escaping whatever it is that is keeping them from enjoying life.

    If that's not enough - the bastards at the 7-11 will constantly slip Canadian Quarters to you in change, but won't accept the funny money for purchases- by the end of the season, you'll have at least a bag full of $100 in worthless coins with the image of a moose on one side. Add to that that every moronic relative will want to visit, and stay at your place. You can't get a decent pizza, sub sandwich, and your waitress will scream at you assuming that you are hard of hearing - most of her customers are. And don't forget, nearly every terrorist, mass murderer, child molester, and pedophile has a Florida connection.

    My best recommendation is Vermont. You wanna know why? It must be inhabited by really cool people - in over 20 years in this God-forsaken dump, I have NEVER run into anyone from there.

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