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  1. Approximately an hour ago, Atlanta Fed President Guynn said that: "In some markets -- I won't name individual cities in the Southeast -- the activity in residential real estate looks pretty speculative to me and the makes me very uncomfortable. I don't think this is sustainable. There is a very good chance that some lenders, some buyers and some builders will get burned from what I see in some of those submarkets." As mentioned at 14:16, this seems to be contributing to the afternoon sell-off in the equity markets.
  2. The anus!
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    Well this fed guy is no genius.

    I am sure he is talking about my market. Being that it was up 41% in the last year.

    And I guarantee you the builders are not going to lose money. They have contracts for the next two years. And around here most of the builders have the home owners take out the construction loans. They have lists of buyers and a total lack of sub contractors to build homes.
  4. panahandle real estate is second to none in fla now.
  5. I agree with that...around Destin, Fort Walton Beach and upwards...

    What specific area do you like?
  6. from their website ...

    -Doesn't Condo Flip™ open up the real estate market to "day trading"?
    In the stock market, "day trading" refers to the practice of buying an asset (i.e. stocks) and immediately reselling them for a profit (based on daily fluctuations in the market)._ At first, it may seem that condo "day trading" is possible._ However, there are some very distinct differences between day trading and the use of Condo Flip™:-

    -A stock day trader realizes a gain and receives the funds immediately._ A Condo Flip™ seller may certainly sell his property quickly, however, in most cases the gain remains in escrow until closing._ This may be for several years._ So, those dollar gains are normally not immediately available for reinvestment.-

    -Day trading depends on constant fluctuations in the stock market over the course of a given day._ The real estate market doesn't really fluctuate on a day-by-day basis, but it does tend to rise._ Still, the rise is not a daily rise, even in a hot market.-