Florida Primary

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  2. Time for Newt to bow out
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    Jeez, did Ron Paul even campaign in FL?
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    ^Not much. The Paul campaign focused their energies on proportionate States. Florida is winner-take-all.

    Ron will be in it until the end. Hopefully he wins enough delegates to earn serious concessions at the RNC.

    The blowout in Florida just proves how out of touch the nation really is when it comes to Freedom, the economy and their sociopathic obsession with military adventurism.

    Romneys hallmark slogan is to create a military so big, no one would ever touch us. As if we don't spend enough on the military now?! Including supplementals and war appropriations, we're at 1 Trillion a year and 4 years out from Greece. Fuck it. Romney wants to gas it harder and Floridians agree!

    Oh well, I tried. America is toast.
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    Romney is a dove. Almost all Mormons are. He is pandering to the right. He won't do anything to the military. I don't think this guy would kill a cockroach in his kitchen.
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    You might be right. And that's a problem, too. If we don't cut entitlements *and* military, we're in a bind, real soon.
  8. No way, he is all in. Romney carpet bombed him again in Florida, and Florida was the last state Newt could hope to win that is part of the serious electoral map.

    Newt, IMO, is doing the scorched earth thing because the conservatives plan a rebellion, and a third party will be born on that day.
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    Let's hope he never finds IQ-47 in his kitchen. I would hate to find out that you are wrong. :p
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    I wouldn't. :p
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