Florida: Palm Beach or Miami Beach

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  1. Guys,

    I am going to be leaving new orleans in a few months. Both Miami Beach and Palm beach are serious steps up in all standards of living. I have spent a few days in each. I am curious, for those of you who live there, which do you think is better.

    I am looking for a place that will have many other traders. More importantly, I want to be somewhere that has many other hedge funds who I can become friendly with. As you know, New Orleans has none. Any idea on the number and sizes of various hedge funds in either?

    Crime, how bad is crime really down in miami beach.

    How are the civil services, will I have a bitch time keeping my internet running, or running a serious trading desk here from Miami Beach? I assume that I will have no problems from Palm Beach

    Entertainment, is there anything at all to do in Palm beach? I went to Climatis street and was bored stiff. I need a lot more action than that.

    I would appreciate any thoughts that you have. I want to make a decision within like 48 hours and I am torn between the two.

    Thankyou for your time,

  2. What kind of action?
  3. Depends what you really want. I live in Palm beach and it has a very relaxing and laid back lifestyle here. City place and climattis are as much night life as you really get. If you want non stop excitement go to miami, but if you value the ability to think without involuntarily bombarded with the latest marketing blitz or constant distractions, then the Palm beach area might suite you. Anyway either place you pick is only an hour away from the other. You won't miss a thing living in either place, you will still get the full SOFLA experience. Best wishes on you decision. If you have any more questions feel free to PM me. :)
  4. P2-

    Warm weather is for wussies!
    Move back to New York where a nice cool morning wakes you up!(it's 11degrees right now and expected to go sub-zero tonight)

    Don't you want 4 seasons? Don't you want a white christmas?

    Ray Davies was recently shot in New Orleans..I'd leave too.

    Go to Miami. You shouldn't live in Palm Beach unless you're over 40.


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    If we ever left NYC we would probably head to South Beach Miami.

    South Beach has somewhat the same feel as New Orleans, that festive atmosphere. I believe after New York and Connecticut, southern Florida probably has the highest concentration of Hedge Funds, but they are slightly north mostly in Boca Raton area.

    All the best.
  6. Who's ray davies?

    Yeah, I like the New Orleans party atmosphere. I am only 22. Definitely not ready to retire. Just not sure if this is exactly what I want down here in Miami. i do not feel safe in New Orleans, and if nothing works. The water/electricity goes out for days at a time and forget having reliable cable. I could have made almost double what I did this year if not for stupid power outages that no one would repair, or cable that was down for weeks at a time. It really pissed me off.

    I was in palm beach and somewhat bored. I just don't know.
  7. San Diego has a bunch of hedge funds. Can't beat it. But there's more, if ya know what I mean. Think beach, sun, women in bikinis, you know the deal.
  8. I've always thought of San Diego and Boca Raton/Miami as domestic dream locales for independent traders/hedge funds.

    However, San Diego seems overly expensive, even compared to NYC.

    Apart from th beautiful weather is there a vibrant social scene there compared to NY?

    Any other insights on San Diego?

  9. I need east coast. I like to stay out til 3-4am. I can't do that in Cali, I'd have to wake up by then. It is bad enough in New orleans trying to trade on 4 hours of sleep every night.
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    Harris, come on down my friend...you will love South Beach....I lived on the beach for years and didnt run into any crime, but crime as you know it is everywhere........ACTION you will get ( woman woman and more woman than you can handle ) ...the club life is great, the beaches are awesome....

    I used to trade with a prop firm on SOBE and had no problems with connection ever..... if i recall you are young...you will love it down here...peace
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