Florida Or Michigan?? Poll

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  1. Florida

    33 vote(s)
  2. Michigan

    27 vote(s)
  1. no brainer to me Florida!
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  3. Looking at these schedules it shouldnt even be close


    Sat, Sep 2 Southern Miss W 34-7 Audio
    Sat, Sep 9 UCF W 42-0 Audio
    Sat, Sep 16 at (13) Tennessee W 21-20 Audio
    Sat, Sep 23 Kentucky W 26-7 Audio
    Sat, Sep 30 Alabama W 28-13 Audio
    Sat, Oct 7 (9) LSU W 23-10 Audio
    Sat, Oct 14 at (11) Auburn L 17-27 Audio
    Sat, Oct 28 Georgia W 21-14 Audio
    Sat, Nov 4 at Vanderbilt W 25-19 Audio
    Sat, Nov 11 South Carolina W 17-16 Audio
    Sat, Nov 18 Western Carolina W 62-0 Audio
    Sat, Nov 25 at Florida State W 21-14 Audio
    Sat, Dec 2 (8) Arkansas W 38-28 Audio


    Sat, Sep 2 Vanderbilt W 27-7 --
    Sat, Sep 9 Central Michigan W 41-17 --
    Sat, Sep 16 at (2) Notre Dame W 47-21 --
    Sat, Sep 23 Wisconsin W 27-13 --
    Sat, Sep 30 at Minnesota W 28-14 --
    Sat, Oct 7 Michigan State W 31-13 --
    Sat, Oct 14 at Penn State W 17-10 --
    Sat, Oct 21 Iowa W 20-6 --
    Sat, Oct 28 Northwestern W 17-3 --
    Sat, Nov 4 Ball State W 34-26 --
    Sat, Nov 11 at Indiana W 34-3 --
    Sat, Nov 18 at (1) Ohio State L 39-42 --
  4. What are you arguments for Michigan???
  5. Michigan?

    They even have a winning record this year?

    Oh yeah, they play in one of those cake-walk conferences! :D

    Why is there even a vote? It can only be...

    F L O R I D A!

  6. Florida...and it's not even close.

    Michigan beat a VASTLY overrated Notre Dame team and a solid Wisconsin squad....and that's it.

    Florida played a much much tougher schedule.

    If Michigan played in the SEC, they would have 3 losses.

    Most importantly, the final score of the Ohio St.-Michigan game was close...but for someone who watched it with no rooting interest, I have to say that at NO POINT after the first quarter did I ever think Ohio St was going to lose. If not for a mishandled snap by Troy Smith, Ohio St. would have won that game by 17 or more.

    Ohio St is great, but the Big Ten is AWFUL.....accept it.
  7. UM had their shot.

    I say UF deserves the shot.
  8. Both played perennial powerhouse Vanderbilt, yet Florida only managed a six point victory.

    - Spydertrader

    100%.... no brainer
  10. If this is your best argument than thats exactly why Michigan shouldnt be going to the title game.

    Event this argument cant be use as Michigan played Vandy at home..
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