Florida high school under lockdown after reports of shooter, victims, police say

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    “... imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms.”
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  2. You seem uneducated and disrespectful on many topics. When it comes to WW2, it's pretty obvious.
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  3. As discussed, courts have held that reasonable conditions can be imposed, provided that it does not remove the basic right that is guaranteed. Saying that a 20 year old adult in good standing can not own a rifle, is not a condition modifying the right- it is a removal of the right completely.

    Similarly, courts have ruled countless conditions on freedom of speech. But deciding that a 20 year old no long has freedom of speech in any form is not constitutional.

    You continually read the right to impose conditions to mean that any condition can be imposed. Sorry. This is not Canada where everything is settled at the statutory level. After the condition is imposed, the fundamental right must still be there in tact.
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  4. So, tell me again how many Brits showed up to help with the Japanese in South Pacific while we were simultaneously fighting to win your European war for you?

    Oh, I see. I am uneducated about the WW2- which by the way- included a war with Japan- although your ilk just said "not my problem" after we stopped the krauts for you.
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    Actually TFT...they were there.
    Not saying they did anything spectacular from a tactical standpoint.
    The surrender of Singapore was perhaps (according to Churchill) the most devastating loss to the British Army in centuries.
    Plus there was Burma. Not necessarily the S. Pacific but not Europe.
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  6. Yes. There are many points that can be made if treated as discussion of history rather than just responding to swipes at Americans for doing nothing or being late to the party. One would be that ding dong Neville Chamberlain was the true do nothing that let things get too far along, so that every small town in America had to send its men while also trying fight a war against the Japs.

    Also, in a more reasoned discussion, where we talking history rather than snot-nose comments from Nine-Ender I would have pointed out when he said that we "were late to the war" that many men - my grandmothers two brothers for example- went north and joined the Canadian Army when the Canadians went over. He is a faux Canadian but has limited knowledge of Canada, being a new arrival or something.

    Ask him what country he is ORIGINALLY from and he walks sideways like a crab and pretends to be an authority on Canada.

    Also, the British were in Singapore because Singapore was a British Colony so they were not there exactly to help the Americans although we were on the same team. Ditto for Burma. The Americans were in Europe to help our allies, not to defend our colonies there. Anyway, when it came to WW2, the Americans had their hands plenty full so I need any shit from some faux Canadian telling us that we were late to the party or anything. Too many dead Americans buried in Europe for that kind of foolish talk. And, as I said, that was the second time around that century.

    What is Nine Ender's original country in Europe, before he started pretending to be Mr. Canada. Do you know the answer to that?
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    So you are imposing your standard of 20 on long rifles as the constitutional line. I don’t know if that would work. Maybe.

    What is really at the heart of the matter here is separating assault rifles from hunting and sport rifles. I think this is where the court will determine if the condition is unconstitutional. If assault rifles and hunting rifles are in the same category then no, I have a hard time believing the court would see things your way.
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  8. [​IMG]
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  10. Statistics as only Faux News can do.

    Wow you righties are dumb and gullible. Like sheep. Say bah.
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