Florida high school under lockdown after reports of shooter, victims, police say

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  1. Your post supports the gun culture which perpetuates the problem. The "good guy with a gun" slogan must have been an NRA PR thing.

    Rather than look at all of the other ways that a psycho can kill people (trucks and so on), consider the manner in which the majority of these head cases actually dispatch their victims. And then address it.
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  2. So Communist-controlled, anti-military, anti-police, pro-sex change, anti-religion CNN wants to frame this as a people versus NRA debate? We are not going to let that happen.

    For those who care about their rights in this country, it might be time to start voting with our wallet and start boycotting CNN’s adertisers and other media oulets that display a persistent anti-America agenda.
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  3. Oh... My... Gawd... It’s yuge! I wonder what he is planning to with that thing anyway?
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  4. It’s ok as the ones I’m talking about are anti-second amendment. By that measure, I am not actually talking about a full 50% of our population, rather a 100% of the anti-second amendment group.

    Besides, they have not taken the second amendment away yet.

    We cool?
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    You can never stop everything. But you can make it more difficult. So where is the line? Background checks clearly don't solve all the problems. Nor does banning bump stocks. Banning surface to air missiles don't solve all the problems because someone can easily just hijack a plane and crash it into a building.

    I know lots of people who work in the firearms industry. I know even more who own guns. All of them are responsible.

    So here's a real question: let's assume all bad guys (people who buy a gun with the pre-meditated intent of killing someone else) with guns will get them.
    Now, do good guys with guns prevent more bad guy related killings compared to gun accidents + people who kill with a gun who otherwise wouldn't (like a husband who kills his cheating wife in a rage because there is a gun in his closet).
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  6. You mean like the right not to get shot in school? You mean like that? I wonder which country leads in that category.
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  7. The answer to me is you accept the inevitable losses that happen. Whether it is cars, alcohol, or or abortion, there is only so much one can do when there are sizable groups of people supporting each side of an issue.
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    Clearly to you that acceptable number is 100percent if they oppose your viewpoint. Does your view represent all the other gun supporters here?
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  9. Your way seems to be the Murica way. Tell me, in the last 20 years or so of this "good guy with a gun" policy, have things gotten better or worse?
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  10. Has the gun control in most cities over the past 20 years become more stringent -- not allowing law-abiding citizens to own guns but being sure that criminals still had guns.
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