Florida high school under lockdown after reports of shooter, victims, police say

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  3. Return it to this ''I only hire the best people'' , if ever he wakes up that is.

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    Well, you were guessing I was German. You are pathetic and had no real arguments. Brainless but that seems to be the case with all die hard gun lovers.

    For people like you everybody is "not an important person". Lives have no value for you, except your own one. That's why you don't care about the life of innocent US citizens. I bet you make money in the weapons industry.
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  6. You seem fragile. Get a therapy dog.

    Big hug for you.

    Also a big putting you on IGNORE.
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    In a high school in the city of Dalton in the US state of Georgia, a shooting has occurred today. A teacher has been arrested, several American media have reported.

    In the Dalton High School one shot or multiple shots would have fallen. No child would have been injured or in danger, says the police according to NBC.

    So even giving guns to teachers seems not to be a solution. The group of responsible Americans able to carry a gun is shrinking every day.
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    This is pure nonsense, but by all means go on vomiting it up.
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    You have no clue as to what is transpiring. No one does. All you know is that someone, presumed to be a teacher, has locked him/herself in a room without any kids (all kids are evacuated) and there were "shots fired". You know nothing about the cause, what drove this to happen, the identity of the person involved, whether they truly are a teacher, or anything else for that matter because the situation is unfolding.

    But this hasn't stopped you from painting the narrative already.
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