Florida high school under lockdown after reports of shooter, victims, police say

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  1. schweiz


    There will always be excuses for doing nothing.
    If there are so violent places the US should do something about it, not just say these places exits. The schoolshootings were located in violent places too?

    If we exclude enough areas (90% ?) the US will have the lowest gun related shootings.
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  2. schweiz


    LOL, I am even not German. I was not born when this happened and actually my ancestors were fighting the Germans at that time.

    How many were killed in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, not to forget the indians that were the native and original inhabitants of a big part of the US. You stopped them too.

    And does all that give permission for the slaughters in US schools?
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  3. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    I agree completely. The focus and effort should be to dealing with high violence, high incident urban areas. However, the gun control narrative strangely goes quiet when these places come up.

    For example, can you show me all the posts you've made about all the killings in Chicago this year? You know, condemning the violence there that has led to 80 homicides and 351 people shot year to date?
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  4. Sure, a lot of you say that.
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  5. schweiz


    OK, tell me what nationality I have and where I live.
    If you can do that correctly it will be the ultimate proof that I speak the truth.
    If you cannot it is the ultimate proof that you are just another idiot.

    Both ways you will be the loser.
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  6. Arnie


    But then, we have all the guns.
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  7. schweiz


    Indeed, that is the problem. Guns, but no brains.
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  8. Arnie


    Actually it's our strength. How likely do you think it is for people without guns to disarm people with guns. Don't rush. Take a minute to think it through.
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  9. You are lost in space wherever you are.

    And also not an important person so I do not need to participate in guessing anything about your so-called life.
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  10. If the laws currently on the books had been enforced and had law enforcement done is job there would not be 17 dead kids. Law enforcement failed spectacularly here.
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