Florida high school under lockdown after reports of shooter, victims, police say

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    I would just like to note that when trump puts an immigration ban on certain terrorist countries, the argument from the left is never 'will this work?' It's always that you can't ban a muslim, even when it's not a true muslim ban, and that constitutional argument is sacrosanct.

    But with gun bans, suddenly the constitution is not sacrosanct, and we're supposed to argue every point about gun bans and whether it will work.

    And crooked liberal judges who uphold these contradictory and fraudulant views.
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    Tsing Tao

    Very convenient!
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  4. Maybe we need to appoint a special prosecutor to look into Canadians trying to influence our political process and using social media sites to advocate certain laws and policies.
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  5. Colleges are re-affirming that they will not take any punitive actions/admissions denials etc against students known to be participating in gun protests.

    Of course we know that if they find out that you participated in a current or future protest to preserve your gun rights that you can kiss your admission to that college good bye. Your ass is grass and they are a lawnmower if they get the slightest whiff that you are not following the party line.

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    The Left are morally bankrupt hypocrites. They invoke the Constitution when it furthers their agenda. And they equally reject it, when it hinders their agenda.

    They are Machiavellian. Nothing more.
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    If that would be applied in every country, the whole world would need to appoint special prosecutors against the US. They interfere in almost every country in the world.
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    Tsing Tao

    You need to remove urban area violence if you're going to compare Switzerland to the United States. Switzerland doesn't have urban areas like Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore or other centers of very high violence rates.
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  10. Yup and we stopped the Germans - at least twice- who tried to interfere in the world too.

    Sorry about that. Guess you have some butt hurt about that.
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