Florida high school under lockdown after reports of shooter, victims, police say

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  1. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Supporting the NRA does not mean you support people killing innocents. You have your head up your ass, as usual.
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  2. Here4money


    No, but the NRA supporting politicians does insure gun makers keep making guns
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  4. Yes Ben Franklin though some context is lost.

    This is too mindless a conversation to have again. I am reminded of the movie Red Dawn, ideas founded in the 80s & leveraged by Wayne LaPierre. The well regulated militia line was before the US Army was created to replace it. Wayne wants the public to be split brained, love the military, fear the military.

    Even in the movie Red Dawn they made a very clear point. The average adult American man is a coward, with extensive training from late teenage years he is a well disciplined coward, these are called soldiers. Only a few percent (less than 1?) of men naturally have what it takes to be combat troops and not come out broken in the head.

    This is why only a few % can trade leveraged futures successfully, the rest are basket cases.

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  6. The Alt-Right literalists here might not have caught the sarcasm. So don't be surprised if you get one or more meet-and-greet Stormfront invitations.
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  7. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    No, people buying guns ensures gun makers keep making guns.
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  8. RedDuke


    First, I fully support background checks on gun purchases similar to the ones on NYC. That being said, it won't help in the cases of lunatics. Sandy Hook shooter used his mom's guns. No background checks would have prevented it. We can put restrictions on high capacity magazines and things that turn semi into full auto, but it does not solve underlying problem.

    Even if 2nd amendment repealed and all guns confiscated (won't happen), what would have prevented this lunatic renting a big truck and killings kids leaving school?

    Unfortunately, the only solution is: to stop a bad guy with the gun you need a good guy with the gun.
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  9. Something that almost never happens nor can happen (good guy gets shot by cops etc.) is not a solution, it is an NRA bumper sticker.

    ARs are too much gun, they are shiny sports cars for immature guys. Most gun crimes, nearly all, involve cheap handguns. A shooter can kill with handguns but you can be certain fewer will be killed.

    The NRA has people convinced there are no solutions but more guns. It is BS.

    Good guy with a gun? look past the humor to the real point here.

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  10. Mindless to you perhaps, but thanks for responding anyway.

    I agree that it took real men who were willing to risk their lives for the rights that we wimps take for granted in the United States today.

    One of the things we sell to young people on a daily basis to get them to join the military is the fight for our freedom and saving the world from tyranny.

    These talk show hosts who have no skin in the game when they talk about taking our rights away are pissing on this country’s founders and our brave men and women who enter the millitary. Now if some of these talk show hosts started sacrificing themselves, perhaps symbolically with a gun, then maybe their voices should be considered.
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