Florida hedge funds/ trading firms?

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    Anyone know of any firms in florida hiring for either a trader trainee or assistant trader position any time soon? I just got out of school and looking to start my career in the investment industry, I've wanted to trade since high school, just never had the means. Thanks guys.
  2. based on the firms economic placement now in florida one would entertain the thought by doing it in time. show them that being an investment analysis perception would be a thought of mind to them of what they look for now.

    ive known a few people in florida who ran hedgies but now its in their interest not to pass on the aspect of which it is currently run.
  3. echo is recruiting for their boca raton office.
  4. I wouldn't trade prop unless you have a mentor, prop shops are mostly scams designed to get you to churn shares so that the head guy can get low risk commission overrides on you- it's all bullshit, unless the guys there are making serious $$$ and will willingly show you too......

    Good luck kid.
  5. You can always work for a loser prop shop like the one i ran with my 2 korean cohorts and defrauded custormers with, or you can study hard in university and take a traditional route and intern at a real hedge fund or BB to actually learn something.

    Everyone on this site is pretty much a hobby trader--a person that picked up a book or went to a seminar and thinks that based on what they've read or heard that they can trade. Most of these people practice technical analysis... some quant, but not really likely. A prop shop is the worst place you want to be if things don't work out and you need to find a new job. Most of the prop-losers trade $20-50k leveraged out and make very little. It is not worth the stress. Unless you manage $10M or more, there is no point putting it on your resume.

    My best recommendation is for you to study the basics, get good grades, and try to get internships. If you're daytrading and about 30 and over, you may as well forget about real trading jobs, unless you have applicable real experience. Get some real exp. at a real shop; prop trading will always be there.

    Wow, you must have really sucked at trading and have lost all your money to be so bitter in your first posting on this site.
  7. LOL I noticed the same.

    No reason to generalize all prop shops, with any given firm you will find the worst scumbag groups that just want you to churn and good groups that develop traders.

    What isn't a scam in the financial industry? I would love to know the answer to that one.
  8. Hi KL welcome to elitetrader! I was wondering what is wrong with technical analysis, every trader I have ever met uses technical analysis in some form or another and I know of several billion $ + hedgefunds that ONLY use technical analysis. So what is wrong with it?

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    Well fellas, I should of added I already went through school and graduated and currently looking for some places in florida to start trading or learning the ropes, whether its futures, fixed income, equities, I dont really care I just need some where to get my foot in the door. I'm 23 and ready to work my butt off to succeed in this industry. Just hoping somebody may have a lead or something to help me out. Thanks again.

  10. you got the right attitude, but unfortunately FL is not the place to be. You might consider NYC or Chicago for now.
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