Florida going downhill - get the hell out

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  1. So I was approached by someone trying to get me to sign the Florida Hometown Democracy constitutional amendment. Essentially it's anti-growth and would make planners in charge of regulating land but the voters in charge of authorizing changes once written. The problem arises when the planners realized their epic fuck-ups but cannot change the zoning without a vote from the people.

    The end result is nothing will be built in the state. In my opinion, this will crash the Florida economy as the state is built on economic growth. This along with a idiotic tax and spend budget from a the so-called "Republicans" in the state legislature tells me it's time to leave the state. Texas anyone?
  2. aegis


    Won't happen.
  3. Nothing good comes from Texas. Florida has 2 flaws (one is very serious the other is just serious)

    2)Republican control.
  4. Texas

    1) LOW taxes
    2) LOW cost of living
    3) LOW government interference in people's lives
    4) HIGH amount of fun in Austin and San Antonio.
  5. Texas:

    1)Gave us W
    2)Gave us W
    3)Gave us W
    100)Gave us W
    101)Borders Mexico
    102)People wear crazy stupid cowboy hats and boots all the time
    Did I mention Texas gave us W?
  6. I have been living in Houston for 7 years I have never seen people with crazy boots or hats.

  7. As a rule of thumb, major metropolitan areas tend to be less rabid republican than usual.
  8. My understanding is that property taxes are sky high in texas.

    As for Florida, the problem is not republicans but fake republicans like the current governor. The state has some major problems, like a real estate crash, insurance and water issues and budget problems.
  9. Fat states


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    Ya can't be fat in Florida.
  10. Property taxes are not sky high in Texas. That's laughable. Try Jersey or Illinos. Next!
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