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    The drug and alcohol casualty guy in episode 4 is great , and he "fucked a playmate"...LOL
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    Only because he plays a mean 'rocket man' on the piano.
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    I was pretty disappointed with the film. After all the hype I thought we'd get an inside look at the big players and hear alot of cool trading stories. Instead most of the film consists of washed up floor traders complaining about how they can't make money anymore.
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    And how much they hate other traders. I bet no matter what path their life would have taken they would be spouting hateful shit. Really self-rightoeous, negative group of people in that film.
  6. i liked the movie ... i saw it opening weekend in Chicago and met the director.... nice guy got his autograph on a poster.... i digress... no i thought it was good... could have showed some of the Options aspects but overall it was worth it...
  7. People with real talent don't hate the people they compete against...

    They would burn out before they ever got really good.

    These characters are likely what you would find at an AA or NA meeting....
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    So what's the story with the guy who says "cut" and we hear no more?
  9. I thought it was ok. Nothing overly interesting. They attempted to show the transition from pit trading to electronic to the programmer's and algo guys (talk about a star trek convention).

    The guy who was so adamantly against electronic markets can't hack it anymore. If he wants to continue to trade he's going to have to take a if you can't beat em' join em' mentality or he will be a "former" floor trader along with the other dudes.

    The self proclaimed 'polish' guy who I believe ended up in California not knowing what to do with himself will return to trading one day.

    The Irish guy with the guns and animals hung all over his walls cracked me up.

    Santelli used an interesting example of the pits being like watching a football game in hd vs. the screens being like staring at the scoreboard the entire game. Don't know if I agree, but interesting anyways.

    Overall, it was aight.
  10. That film made me glad I never had to pit trade. They blazed the trail, but man what a grind.

    Can't imagine trying to trade down there.

    Trading Pits/Floors....R.I.P.
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