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  1. Showing the weekend at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago.
  2. Can't wait to see this one.........looks very interesting! :cool:

    About time we get a good movie about the "Pits" and the transition to electronic..........don't you all LOVE those 200,000 lot trades within one second of time now......LOL!!! :eek: :D
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    They have been putting this movie or documentary together forever.
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    lol, they have. I think its actually done now though. Ive been wanting to see it for a while now.
  5. the wallstreet warriors series on hulu was cool. That guy that traded oj futs was the shit.
  6. those f*ck'n computers!

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  7. Well its not like they didnt see this coming, they had 24 years to prepare for it.
  8. Frankly, as someone who have spent time on the floor, and even know some of the characters interviewed in the movie, I don't get what the big deal is. It is like the whole movie want ppl to feel "sorry" for the "loss of an institution", when the whole *concept* of the market is survival of the fittest. Do ppl feel sorry for the silent film stars who couldn't make a transition to "speaking roles"? These guys are no different. I know ex-floor traders who are driving a cab, or owning a fast food franchise. That's all it is, survival of the fittest.

    And to ppl who thinks the floor is more "fair", ever played "three card monty" on the street? It really is the same thing, the pits are far far dirtier than ppl think. Heck, FBI did a sting of CME pits (beef and Eurodollars, i believe) in early 1990s, and the report said, "well, if we have to arrest anyone, we have arrest them all". There are a whole set of "order feeds" to illegally profit from any action. Movies like this that attempt to "romanticizing" the floor, is just that, trying to invoke nostalgia without the whole dirty underbelly.

    Look around any trading desk these days, there are virtually no "cowboys" anymore. Instead most of them are the super analytical types. And I think this is just the natural progression of things. I fail to see the point of the movie.
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