Floor Trader's floor card

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  1. Can anyone post a picture of a floor card? I cant find anything on google.

    If no picture available, can a ex-locals, or current locals please tell me what's on there?

    Thank you.
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  3. It's on his badge. Why do you want a picture of a floor card? You want to print it out on your computer printer and bootleg you a fake floor card and try to sneak into the exchange?
  4. So, what is a floor card? i am refering to the card that floor trader records their trade on. What exactly are they called?

    I want to know what informations are on those card because i want to record my trades better during the day.

    Is the card divided by 2 sides, buy/sell side, and then the quantity, time, and the badge of the counterparty?
  5. there is nothing there that can help you, one side says buy, the other sell. Put in the bracket, commodity, and the other's trader's badge and clearing # and you're done.
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  7. How does a floor card compare to a order ticket?
  8. A runner gets an order ticket from the phone clerk or gets it thru the arb clerk thru hand signals. The floor broker yells, does the order, thenr ecords the qty, contrabroker,etc on his floor card, which then gets handed to his clearing clerk every 1/2 hour to be keypunched downstairs in preparation for clearing.
    Lately the latter steps are eliminated since the floor broker has an electronic floor card which goes directly to clearing without having to hire the "summer " intern which kinda sucks since some of them were usually pretty hot.
  9. Thanks everyone
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