Floor to Electronic Trading

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gail Nicholls, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    I am starting to research the differences between floor based and electronic trading and would really appreciate any feedback and/or experiences any of you may have had. After reading some of the topics covered, it is obvious that this users of this site have a wealth of knowledge on all trading related subjects.

    I hope you can help. Many thanks

  2. gail,

    i have never traded on the floor, but my understanding is that the main difference is the ability to "see" order flow when you are on the floor. with live squawk boxes in many off floor trading rooms, it seems the "on floor" advantage is narrowing every year.


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    Never traded on the floor nevertheless when I am able to think about what someone wrote;usually read people well.:cool:

    My blood brother is [or was] hard working, crude,likes to fight. Lewis Borsellino is [or was ] hardworking [my read],crude,likes to fight.'''' The Daytrader- From the pit to pc'' the book by Lewis Borsellino will help you. Crude but hardworking & a bear market price.

    Interesting the pattern mostly goes ''from the pit to the pc; not the pc to the pit.This last statement is based on [my read] of 3 or 4 of Jack 's excellant top trader books.

    To paraphrase a former NYSE specialist-you have increasingly stringent rules on the floor. 17 years of order flow was about all he wanted on the floor; he also went to the pc.