floor squawk box?

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  1. Anyone found a good pit (bonds and/or S&P 500) squawk box?

    I've tried:
    TradeTheNews - their S&P guys are pretty good, good quality audio, you can hear the pit in the background well. Only problem is that around 1pm, these guys are wiped out and start.. well... relaxing. That wouldn't be so bad if they didn't cover the mic so that you can't hear the pit anymore.

    TradersAudio - their S&P pit is horrible. You can't hear the pit at all and the audio sounds like its under water. So far, their bond pit seems really good, but their feed drops in and out very frequently.

    Are there others?
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  3. Used to use it when it was only 125. Cancelled it about Feb. 125 is ok, but i am not sure if it is worth 500. Of course if u trade a thousand lot, is well worth it.
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    TradeTheNews is what I use. Your complaint about them "relaxing" is likely recent since the August pit's so empty. Once everyone comes back from vacation they'll actually have a market to be on top of, and they won't relax so much.
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    I run a bond squawk. Any questions PM me.
  6. how much is trade the news a month? how does it help one? are they calling out the big and ask and buying and selling pressure on the s@p all day? i tried news strike and found it worthless
  7. TradeTheNews is $125 just for the futures squawk.

    I use the squawk mostly to hear the pit volume, but the commentary has been very useful too. A few days ago, the locals got extremely short and the brokers got really long. The locals tried to "push it over". There was practically no noise out of the pit as lows were tested. When the price rallied back to the top of the range, it seemed primed for a breakout. When the locals started covering their shorts aggressively, I bought ES, and rode it pretty far. I would have never had those cues without the squawk.

    They do call out bid/ask, but I find that the least useful. ES is amazingly in-tune with the floor. You'll hear 20-50, and ES will show .25-.50. The useful stuff is when they call out large orders by the brokers and hearing the overall pit volume. After a while, you can identify participants audibly. The Merrill floor broker is a woman, and you can hear her very easily.
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    I dont know who is in charge of the sales cowboys there but I called in for a quote and they would not tell me how much the subscription cost. Instead the lady who did not even know what the futures were insisted on know how much I trade, for what firm, etc....etc....She said pricing would depend on who I was. I was pissed. The product seems very nice, if you can talk to someone knowledgable over there. If anyone here has a contact I would appreciate it.

  9. These guys do need a lesson in basic salesmanship. I wrote an email asking for a price, I got a voicemail saying I must call back to get the quote. I then got an email pointing me to the voicemail.

    I called, missed her and left voicemail. Called again, and missed her again. Finally, got her to send me a quote in email. She made a point of saying that I can only subscribe by phone.

    It's not so much the subscription hurdles (although its none of their business how much I trade and with whom), but the unsubscription that bothers me. If it's this hard to sign up, imagine how hard it will be to cancel!

    I was a subscriber to a couple of thestreet.com newsletters. You could sign up online, but to cancel, you had to call someone during business hours and convince them that you really had a good reason for canceling. What a pain.

    Trade The News does have at least one really good commentator though...
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    any other service provider for S&p pit squawk box?
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