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  1. ?Que pasa? I'm looking for contacts that can help me land a position as a clerk on the NYBOT or NYMEX. Any ideas?

  2. Pres


    what's your experience?
  3. listed prop experience (2000-2003) w/90% gross positive. some light futures experience (non-prop).
  4. mbfcc .... maybe they can help you out with something ...

    ps ... they might not give 2 hoots about your prop exp

    on the other hand it might not hurt you

    good luck
  5. do you mine net positive? also thats a job you need to no people.
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    net positive 88% -- pardon the omission. thanks for pointing it out.


    they don't give two hoots about prop experience, as if it doesn't matter and doesn't count...whatever. IMHO, a track record is a track record. I think they're suspicious of prop traders in general 'cause they think they're all amateurs and wannabes.

    which of course is only partly true.

    but it's all good. I intend to purchase a seat. I have been advised to clerk for a time in order to get a 'feel' for the floor...which may be good advice. but it also might mean, 'we want you to see a little bit about how we play the game before we let you in, so you can decide if you really want to be one of us;' or some such.
  7. 'course, the difference between net and gross positive is sort of irrelevant when one is speaking of clerking, but hey, so what.
  8. Hello, I am very interested and think I can help. Please give more iinformation or PM me. Thanks.
  9. any ideas?
  10. Pismo, there is a temp firm on John st ( I think...it was long ago) that places runners on the floor of the NYSE. Back in the day I interviewed there and got placed on a a waiting list. They called me up 3 months later and told me a spot opened up but I could not take it because I landed a sweeter deal. I cannot remember the name of the firm for the life of me. Best bet is to get on the phone and call all of them downtown.

    Good luck
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