Discussion in 'Trading' started by badger, Dec 8, 2001.

  1. badger


    does anybody uses this site?
    charts looks impresive.
  2. murphy


    I've subscribed to the service about a month or so ago and I pretty much use it as a supplement to my trading. The timeframe could take either a few days to a month or so. Steve does not post entries or exits, just targets and ideal entries. I've been pretty impressed with his past picks and I took a position on his recent VTSS pick. I am a short term trader so I took the position and daytraded it. It is awefully cheap and it's not really a bad investment. Can't say if it works or not, need a least 6 month to really have my own opinions on it.

    that's my two cents,

    Murphy :D
  3. I took a trial for this quarter. Don't know if i'll use it next quarter. It's pretty cheap though. I mean even if i get one good chart after say 2 years, I'll still make 5k on that chart and that will pay for a lifetime of it. So in that respect I guess it's worth it. I'm still waiting for that chart though.