FlipFloppers Trade of the day

Discussion in 'Journals' started by flipflopper, May 21, 2009.

  1. Journal of my one public call of the day.

    First trade short crude at 61.40

    Stop at 61.75
  2. Covered at 60.72
  3. Which contract?
  4. July of course.
  5. This may sound crazy but it looks like the market wants to rally?!?!

    I just bought the YM at 8239.

    Looking for some nonsensical buying even though the US and UK has essentially lost their AAA rating.

    Stop below the low of the day.
  6. Sold out at 8294.

    Pretty good but was looking for even more shenanigans.
  7. Oil having some trouble rallying today.

    Taking a shot on the short side at 60.98

    Stop above the high of the day.
  8. Stopped out. Should have known never short anything on Fridays.
  9. Short: YM at 8465

    Stop: 8491

    Target: 8330 or market order on cash close
  10. Not looking too great. I think the bulls have figured out that if they pool their money together and buy GS... they can get the market to follow. Diabolical!!
    #10     May 26, 2009