Flight out of the country by US Investment Firms.

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  1. Federal regulations are choking America’s small businesses, says Frank Holmes CEO of U.S. Global Investors – a publicly traded money management firm with $2.6 billion in assets under management.

    The "Bank Reform" rules passed by congress a short time ago are still unclear.

    Was on the phone with Dubia early this Am, I'm hearing that many US investment Firms are looking for an exit if these rules tangle their models.
    Dubia is active in seeking such firms and offering them some incentives to opperate outside the US.

    We will have to see if there is a mass exodus in Firms, as Steve Wynn of Wynn Resorts has already moved his "Main" office to China.

    Atlas Shrugged, warned of the end result if the Goverment became hostile against Business.
  2. haha so he gets in bed with the communists.
  3. crm99


    Steve Wynn has a small business? LOL. I'm sure that there is a provision in the legal code regarding the handling of traitors that sell out their country to earn a buck.

    But you know, I wonder what the Chinese would do to one of theirs if he threatened to leave China and establish himself in another country unless his taxes were cut.
  4. Wynn didn't do anything illegal nor treasonous.

    Personally, I'm glad he moved to Macao.. sends a message of Government abuse to the administration.

    You sir, have outed yourself as a FOOL! ON IGNORE! (This is the first post of yours I recall seeing. I usually don't put posters on ignore until they've said at least 3 really stupid things... Congratulations!)
  5. Who's Dubia?
  6. That is Dubai.
  7. crm99


    Cool, I think you're one of the dumbest people on this board so good ridance. LOL.

    Ah, by the way, he didn't actually 'move to Macao'. I'm pretty sure he still has a couple of 'small businesses' in the US and a couple of personal properties too. Probably earning a pretty good living off them too.

    I still wonder what the Communist Chinese would do to someone that threatens to leave China if he doesn't get a lower tax rate?
  8. zdreg


    steve wynn is looking to earn yuan Norwegian krone not a collapsing buck.

    get with it the ship(US) is sinking. it is every man for himself.

    of course someday there will be a financial transaction tax and you will be humming the national anthem while flipping hamburgers if u qualify.
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    You guys seem to be really worried about the billionaires but don't give a s*it about the middle class getting all their jobs exported to slave labor countries.
  10. They will probably give it to him as they are no longer communist but possibly the most capitalist country in the world right now.
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